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The birth
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«My passion for watchmaking was born the day I discovered my father’s watch collection. I sadly didn’t know him enough, he was a photographer, collector, and true enthusiast. For years, he minutely kept a diary in which he kept a trace of every watch that crossed his path in his life. 

Being immersed in his diary and in his collection was the start of my watchmaking story, a story that started in 2005 and which continues to grow as each day goes by. It’s this heritage, the fortunate encounters in the close-knit community of enthusiasts and a desire to approach modern watchmaking from a different perspective which led me to found Baltic in 2016. This name has a special meaning for me as it refers to my fathers’ roots on the northern coast of Poland. 

This adventure is the best tribute I could pay to my father and the ideal way to express my inspirations. From transmission to passion, from passion to creation. Thank you for keeping this story alive.»

Etienne Malec

Signature Etienne
Collection book | Baltic Watches

We aim to create timeless watches, to be worn and preserved for future generations

Our ambitions

Our aim is to offer timeless pieces, of the highest quality, for fair prices. The horology has drastically changed the past decade, and we would like to take part in this new era by offering direct-to-consumer sales.

We remove the traditional industry margin, which allows us to offer far better prices. We don’t have our own retail structure, but this doesn’t mean that we are unreachable. By doing only direct distribution and reducing our overhead, we can be more accessible through social media.

We are in touch with our customers every day online. You are more than welcome to stop by and say “Hi” on our social media if you have any questions; we will be available at any time to help you.

Thought, assembled and adjusted in France

We want to be transparent about our production, and avoid contributing to the ambiguity that has been the bane of the horology industry for over 20 years. We manufacture and assemble in three different regions:

  • In Hong Kong for the production of the majority of our components
  • In France for the assembly and adjustment of our watches and the production of straps
  • In Italy for our accessories line

Once the various components are manufactured, we send them to our atelier in Besançon, France to be assembled and adjusted. We are proud to partner with some of the best manufacturers in horology and to provide the best quality on the market at this price range.